My first show @ Andy’s Bar in Denton, TX

I have been reflecting on how wonderful my first show went, and wanted to share the details with you! I will also be adding a new section to my site that outlines my upcoming shows, so keep an eye out.

On September 8th, my first gig took place at Andy’s Bar in Denton, TX. It was an electric show mixed with underground, ambient, R&B, and jazz vibes, thanks to performances by American Cruelty, Small Town, Blue Capricorn, and, of course, me, Adieu Anais! It was amazing to see so many friends and family come out to support and engage with the other artists and myself during the show. I am truly grateful to Blue Capricorn for inviting me to share the stage with him for his release show.

I performed a captivating set featuring a mix of released, unreleased, and newly written works.

My Setlist:


Thanks to Joshua Jones Studios for the photos and everyone else who came out to support me!

Lastly, when my set began to conclude and I started playing “Rain”, it began to storm outside. How fitting!

Lightning during "Rain" caught on camera

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