Behind the Lyrics: The Making of “Rain”, Releasing June 30th

Hi everyone!

Those of you who have been following my journey know this project has been a long time coming. Each of the four songs I will be releasing this year tell their own unique stories of my personal struggles, my wins and my losses. Each song taking you on a journey of emotion and evoking introspection.

My first release, Rain, will be out on June 30th 2023. This song takes you on a darker, but colorful journey through re-discovering feeling everything. It was written during a period of time where I was struggling with the most difficult bout of depression I have ever experienced and the numbness that ensues after. “Rain” is about feeling everything again and not being afraid to go into the darker places we tend to keep buried. Its about feeling the emotions we may distract ourselves from and even avoid in order to find healing.

When I wrote “Rain” in 2020, it was quite literally raining outside as I was exiting my car to return inside my apartment. It takes me back to the re-discovery of bodily sensations that my depressive episode had hijacked. As I felt each gentle rain drop on my skin, it felt like I was in my body again and I just stood standing in the rain soaking in every sensation I was feeling. Taking in the fresh smell of the rain, the gentle breeze, and hearing the soft pitter-patter of each droplet landing on the sidewalk. Each moment of stillness had the most profound effect on me. Its with this in mind that I share this creation with you.

Raindrops on my skin
Who knows where we’ll go from here
When I breathe you in
There’s nothing else I’d rather feel

Staring in my eyes
Your gaze is my redemption
Crystal pouring down
Bathe me in your darkness

Take me down
Out of this oblivion
Lift my hands
Into the grey

Wash me, wash me in your saving rain

Darkness casts its clouds
Stars are far away from here
Feeling all of this
No turning back away from you

Wash me, feel me, touch me, call me
Hear me, need me, free me, love me

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First single "Rain" by Adieu Anais
First single “Rain” by Adieu Anais

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  1. Feenix Ryzeen

    Very beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your journey and amazing talent!

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