Welcome to Adieu Anais’ ethereal reality. Enter a dimension where electronic pop takes on a whole new meaning—a fusion of haunting beauty and cinematic allure. Get ready to be enchanted by mesmerizing melodies, evocative lyrics, and a passion that knows no bounds. Join us on a musical odyssey that defies conventions and invites you to embrace the extraordinary.


Adieu Anais is an electronic pop artist known for her captivating sound, blending hauntingly beautiful melodies, ethereal vocals, and mesmerizing electronic beats. With a background in classical opera and piano, she brings a diverse musical skill set to her creations. Anais embraces collaboration with like-minded individuals and seeks to push artistic boundaries and foster innovation. Her music creates a cinematic experience that explores emotional depths and introspection, inviting listeners into a world of ethereal beauty and profound emotion.



Are you interested in collaborating or remixing my music? Please visit the contact page and reach out to me.